How to become a fundraiser for STEPWAY

Follow our five simple steps to help you fund raise for STEPWAY- whether you’re running a marathon or holding a bake sale, serving up a curry or setting a quiz!

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STEP 1. Choose your event
  • You can do absolutely anything to raise funds for STEPWAY, from organising a sponsored cycle ride to holding a black-tie ball!

If you need some inspiration, have a read through our A-Z of fundraising ideas

STEP 2. Choose a location and date
  • Planning your event can take time, so the earlier you can start, the better! Think about a date early on
  • Do you need a venue? For a small party, your home or church hall could be perfect. If you need a larger or licensed venue, a school, pub or club may work. Let the venue know your event is for charity and they may be able to offer you a discount.
STEP 3. Ask for help
  • Don’t be shy to ask friends and family. Once you have your team of volunteers, give everyone a specific task, so that you’re not doing everything yourself.
  • Get in touch with your local STEPWAY office – they can share local knowledge, as well as help to publicise your event in your area.
  • Approach local businesses for raffle prizes or donations. You could offer them some free publicity in return. Contact us if you need an authorisation letter to use.
  • If you need some inspiration, have a read through our A-Z of fundraising ideas.
STEP 4. Set a target
  • Decide how much you want to raise and set up a Crowd funding page with this target.
  • Think about how you can hit your target. If you’re organising a quiz or a concert, you might want to start selling tickets in advance or hold a raffle on the night to raise funds.
  • Keep careful track of money coming in and out so that you don’t spend more than you make. Try not to spend more than £1 for every £4 raised. Get in touch if you’d like advice before committing to any costs – we’re here to help!
STEP 5. Promote your event

Once your plans are in place, spread the word. The more people who know about your fundraising, the more money you can raise!

Promote your event – top ten tips

1. Local networks

You’ll be amazed how generous people can be when you’re passionate about why you are raising funds for STEPWAY. Why not give a talk about your event in your school or workplace? Or write an article for our STEPWAY Fundraising blog page?

2. Posters

You do not have to be there in person to promote your event – use one of our posters and ask if you can put them up in your local shop, at work or your place of social. Your venue may also be able to display a poster or promote your event on their website.

3. JustGiving

One of the easiest ways to collect funds is through a Just Giving online sponsorship page. You can set up your page in a few easy steps and donations come through to us automatically. Set a fundraising target, personalise the page with photos and share it with friends!

4. Photos

5. Facebook

Social networks are a great way to spread the word. Set up an event page and invite your friends to attend. Keep everyone updated by posting photos, updating your status and linking to your Just Giving page. 

6. Twitter

Include @Stepway in your tweets and we might give you a cheeky retweet!

7. Instagram

Tag friends, so they can share your photos.

8. Local newspapers and radio

Appearing in the local media is a great way of getting publicity and support. Contact your local newspaper and radio station to tell them what event you’re holding, when and where, and your reasons for choosing to support our work. Don’t forget to include your Crowd Funding page!

9. Email

If you send lots of emails for work or socialising, use your email signature to remind people about your event and include a link to your Just Giving page.

10. Blog it!

Write about your event in a blog – share your experiences as you plan for the big day, and update everyone on how much you’ve raised. Your local STEPWAY office may also be able to feature your story on their blog.

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