HMP Services


Are you a Veteran or an adult family member looking for support? 

Having a loved one in custody can be stressful and may have an impact on your everyday life, from finances, mental wellbeing, and trying to deal with family life alone. STEPWAY are here to help, advise and provide practical support In Worcestershire and the West Midlands. Making life more manageable. Direct Helpline: 07716 156477

HMP HEWELL- Worcestershire

Join STEPWAY at the Veterans’ Forum, which runs every month. Ask your ViCSO for more details.

The 7-step civilian skills program to improve mental wellbeing and to prepare you for prison or civvy life.

The Community Project: Would you like to be part of this scheme? Pop along to the next Veterans’ forum to find out more!

DIRECT SUPPORT AND ADVICE LINE FOR VETERANS AND FAMILY MEMBERS: 07716 156477 Veteran’s Wellbeing Centre- 0121 7922 723  

For professionals seeking support for their client or family member, please complete the online referral form below. A member of staff will contact you within the next three working days.