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How do I refer my clients?

We have a good network of charities and organisations who refer their clients to STEPWAY for various reasons.

  • Mental health awareness
  • Social Inclusion
  • Employment opportunities
  • Educational courses
  • Counselling sessions
  • Early Service Leavers in transition
  • Advocacy
  • Reducing recidivism in criminal behaviour
  • Veterans in Custody (Changing their pathway)
  • Substance Misuse
  • Homelessness and housing
  • Benefits and funding advice
  • finding a sense of purpose in civilian life
  • A sense of belonging

There are a few ways to refer your client to STEPWAY


Use our simple contact form and send your details.

We will get back to you within 24 hours.

If your enquiry is urgent please call our Veteran Welfare hotline on 01905 745253 to either request a referral form or give the details over the phone


Please send an email to:

For general enquiries:

For Welfare of Veterans:


A telephone call is the quickest way to receive a response. Therefore, if your request is urgent please call the relevant number: General Enquiries: 01905 745253 Out of hours: 07930657568


If you have a client that you feel may benefit from social inclusion and would like to speak to someone face to face then the Veterans’ HUB may be the answer. You are more than welcome to accompany your client if they feel a little anxious about accessing a new service. They can also self-refer and pop into the Drop-in Centre near you.

Referral forms

We can provide you with a referral form if you prefer this method. Please send an email to to request a referral form to be sent to you.

We welcome all organisations to send STEPWAY a referral form if your organisation do not accept self-referral. All our data is kept within an internal network subject to the GDPR Regulations under the ‘Data Protection Act 2018’ Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.


We have many organisations joining us to deliver a holistic package to the Veteran community.

Join us on one of our VETERAN COMMUNITY DAYS: Would you like to join us on one of our Veteran Community Days? It is a good way to get the word out there on what your organisation will do for the Veteran community. The Stands are free and light refreshments are provided. All public liability is covered by STEPWAY We will host the day. Therefore, all you need to do, is turn up and set up your stand.

Let’s work together GOING INTO PARTNERSHIP: Would you like to find out more about working together or go into a partnership to make a bigger impact on the welfare of Veterans? Lots of different organisations have already come on board and the difference we are making together is already making a positive impact. Join us today and share the passion & drive we all experience

Are you a business, local or corporate? Would you like to sponsor one of our events?

STEPWAY is part of the ARMED FORCES COVENANT PARTNERSHIP for Worcestershire. Therefore, we work with a host of different charities and organisations who provide a service to our Veteran community.