Safeguarding Policy



Safeguarding Policy

STEPWAY on Safeguarding Policy Statement Safeguarding is a fundamental part of STEPWAY’s work, and this commitment is reflected in STEPWAY’s Quality Standards and the values of our CIO, which inform and support all our safeguarding activity:

• We are respectful

• We treat others as they would want to be treated

• We are inclusive

• We work together, we involve, and we consult

• We ensure that what we do makes a real difference

• We are team of professional and experts within our field

• We strive to be the best at what we do.

• We are empowering

• We support others to achieve their goals Guiding Principles Everyone’s responsibility

– Everyone at STEPWAY has a responsibility to keep vulnerable adults who need care and support safe from abuse and neglect. Prevention – We will put sensible measures in place to prevent abuse, including the use of safe recruitment practices, promoting safe working practice, and raising awareness of safeguarding.

Protection – We will provide policy, procedures, information, and training to enable all STEPWAY staff and volunteers to identify and respond appropriately to concerns about abuse. Partnership – STEPWAY will work in Partnership with statutory, regulatory, and other relevant organisations to ensure that safeguarding concerns are responded to appropriately

Empowerment – We will be person-centred and uphold rights in our safeguarding work

Accountability – We aim to be transparent in our approaches and recognise the need for continuous learning and improvement. Roles and Responsibilities

All staff and volunteers Every individual working for STEPWAY, irrespective of their role, has a part to play in safeguarding vulnerable adults who need care and support. All staff will undertake training and must familiarise themselves with our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.

Trustees STEPWAY trustees approve the Safeguarding Policy and have a duty of care to their charity, which includes taking the necessary steps to safeguard those at risk from abuse, managing risk and protecting the reputation of the charity.

DPO The CEO and the Trustee board represent the Data protection officers and has a responsibility to ensure that safeguarding is included, where appropriate, in the strategic plans, risk assessments, communications and quality assurance processes of their position. In some cases, they will be required to make decisions in relation to complex or serious safeguarding concerns, in consultation with the relevant outside organisations.

Heads of Department other managers Heads of Department and Managers are responsible for ensuring that they, and the staff that they supervise, are aware of STEPWAY’s safeguarding policy and procedures and access relevant training. They should promote the discussion of safeguarding at team meetings and as part of supervision or one-to-one meetings. They may be required to make decisions relating to complex or serious safeguarding concerns and can seek advice from our head of Safeguarding where required. Head of Safeguarding

The Head of Safeguarding is the Designated Person for Safeguarding at STEPWAY. They are responsible for developing and quality assuring safeguarding activity within STEPWAY and supporting best practice for external stakeholders.

STEPWAY Partners will make their own arrangements for safeguarding, in partnership with their local Adult and Children’s (where required) Safeguarding Boards and in accordance with the STEPWAY Quality Standards for safeguarding.

Breaches of Policy Failure to comply with the STEPWAY safeguarding policy may be managed in several ways, depending on the nature and consequences of any incident. In some cases, a combination of responses may be required.

• Local authority co-ordinated safeguarding investigation

• Police investigation

 • Referral to the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)

• People & Performance disciplinary process

• Serious incident reporting to The Charity Commission

 • Internal review or co-operation with an external review Associated documents

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Equality Statement STEPWAY is committed to providing services which embrace diversity and that promote equality of opportunity. Everyone who accesses our services or works for us in a paid or voluntary capacity should be safe, empowered to play a part in promoting their own welfare and that of others and able to live a life free from abuse. This applies to all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, or belief.

Author: Dawn Turner CEO

Date: April 2022

Review: April 2023