The Forest Garden Project

This project is part funded by the Worcestershire Community Foundation.

The Forest Garden Project

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Hi, we here at STEPWAY realise the importance of how introducing outdoor projects plays a huge integral part in veterans mental well-being and health. 

We understand the importance to learn and develop knowledge and understanding of the outside space, as it is a much richer context than the indoors. 

A dynamic space where you can learn about nature, grow your own vegetables or fruits, take part in other outdoor activities and breathe in the clean air. A feel good factor that you are engaging in nature and supporting the environment. 

A journey being involved in the outdoor community projects, involving yourself in group tasks, learning, participating, creating a healthy body and a healthy mind.  These will all play a pivotal role in self-esteem and raising confidence. 

In our 7-Step Civilian Skills program, Step 5 is all about a healthy body a healthy mind. How we look at what we eat, the importance of daily exercise, the outdoors clean air and participating in group activities. All of which will have a positive effect on your mental health. 


We at STEPWAY are excited to be working with Transition Worcester at the community gardens. Andrew and Kirsty  two of our Veterans who have vast experience and knowledge of the environment, have volunteered to run the project. 

STEPWAY are working alongside with Tony Kennell, who with his team of volunteers recently was awarded the Worcestershire Wildlife Hero award organised by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.  


  •  Improvements in your physical and mental well-being. 
  •  Increase your skills and knowledge about how to grow your own fruit and vegetables.  
  •  Learn how to reuse and recycle more of your resources, working closely with nature and benefiting the environment.  
  •  Eating fresher and healthier seasonal food.  

There are lots of opportunities for you to learn new skills, join our outdoor adventure and volunteer to contribute to this fantastic opportunity, working with the natural world. For more information contact us today. 

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