STEPWAY will be there every step of the way


STEPWAY is here to support all veterans in Civilian life. Founded in June 2019 and received their CIO charity status in November 2019.

FOUNDER:  Dawn Turner, a mother of two serving soldiers (One now a Veteran) understands the difficulties the Armed Forces personnel face when adjusting to civilian life. She dedicated most of her adult life in the caring/nursing profession. She holds a B.A. Honours degree in Criminology and specialised in Veteran’s mental health in relation to adaption. Moreover, previous roles as a Caseworker and Fundraiser with various military charities, she offers lots of experience in supporting veterans in civilian life.

CO-FOUNDER: Perminder Kundi (Bob) has been self-employed for the last twenty years and has vast experience in business affairs. Hence it was natural he fell into the role of CEO for STEPWAY. He holds an accredited landlord’s licence with Worcester City Council and highly regarded within the housing agencies. He has worked within the homeless sector for many years by providing support and a safe haven for some people who had no-where else to turn.

THE FOUNDERS DEMONSTRATE: Diversity, commitment and acquiring firsthand experience. That allied with having over twenty years in business, creates the requisite ingredients to make this charity successful and sustainable . Committed to the cause of supporting all Veterans who struggle with adaption. 

STEPWAY will continue to stride forward making a difference in social inclusion and improving mental health. Moreover, introducing them back into employment after completing the 7-Step Civilian Skills Program. STEPWAY  introduced a 7-Step Civilian Skills Program for all Veterans. The program focuses on the missing basic life skills that often have an effect on mental health. This will enable the Veteran to become empowered and more independent, which in turn will have a positive effect on their mental well-being. Thus, encouraging them to return to work and be part of the wider community.

Once STEPWAY has a better understanding of what the Veteran’s priority needs are via a needs assessment conducted at the drop-in; we will work to improve their well-being by creating an individual personal plan. Free Counselling sessions are available if required. Overall, the drop-in is for social inclusion and support in all areas within civilian life. STEPWAY acknowledges community integration and linking with local services is an opportunity for the veteran to live within the community and be valued for their unique skill set. With support and guidance, STEPWAY aims to empower the Veteran towards independent living. To be involved in social activities and motivating them into further education or employment. We aim to enable them to be connected and forge trusting relationships. Therefore, to be part of civilian life and build a connected, creative and dynamic economy for the benefit of the whole community.


Why not ask about our ‘Healthy body, healthy mind program’ Boost those happy endorphins by taking part in sporting activities:

Take back the control and gain quality sleep, reduce stress and anxiety

The Veteran’s HUB and Drop-in Centre

Meet new and old friends. Mentors, Advocates and Caseworkers all on hand.


We are a registered Charity incorporated Organisation (CIO). We are here to improve your mental well-being, so you can engage in education and employment programs. We promote social inclusion with our drop-in centres, where you can meet like-minded people who have walked the walk!

Is the 7-step civilian skills program free for Veterans?

Yes. Furthermore, we accept self-referrals and cross referrals from different agencies you may be working with. The course is 40 hours long and delivered on a rolling program. Therefore, you can join at any point in time. Our Mentors will be on hand to advise and support you for a period of twelve months. After this time, you will have the opportunity to return and train as a Mentor. The door will be left open for any additional support you may need in the future.


Once your priority needs have been addressed, your mental health will improve and you will start feeling part of a team again. You will gain self-awareness and be empowered by gaining knowledge on how civilian life works.
Once you are ready, you can engage in one of our many educational or employment courses available. Moreover, enter the job scene with confidence!