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Welcome to the Wellbeing Centre

The Wellbeing Centre is based At The salvation Army Merton Close, Sandwell B68 8NG. Providing a service to the West Midlands.


The Therapy Unit

The Drop-in centre

The delivery of the 7-step civilian skills program

The outdoor community project


STEPWAY are delighted to announce the new partnership with the Salvation Army in Oldbury. This has allowed the charity to expand their services to the West Midlands to support more veterans in civilian life, no matter their background or circumstance. Moreover, to promote inclusion by breaking those barriers down, so we can work together as one big community. 


  • The Therapy unit
  • The drop-in centre
  • The outdoor community projects 
  • The 7-step civilian skills program

For more information about our services, please contact STEPWAY: 01905 745 253 / 07930657568


The Drop-in is for all Veterans, no matter your circumstance or background. It is a safe place for you to meet like-minded people who have walked the walk. It is a place to make new friends A place where you can relax, pull up a chair and have a brew with your muckers. Somewhere you can grab some lunch and have regular refreshments throughout the day for FREE!

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Would you like to Volunteer as a Buddy and make a huge difference in a Veteran’s life? Have you walked the walk and would like to pass on your valuable knowledge? Are you a Civilian with a keen interest in the welfare of Veterans or are you a family member and would like to be involved?

Here at STEPWAY our ethos is to support ex-Service Personnel to adapt into civilian life and feel a sense of belonging. Therefore, Veterans who can relate to your armed forces experience is of upmost importance. However, to adapt and understand how complicated civilian life can be, we need civilians who have the basic life skills to guide and support you in all areas of need.


Delivered only by STEPWAY

On a rolling program which runs for 40 hours. At your own pace and is FREE!

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The Therapy Unit

  • At the Therapy unit is STEPWAY‘s West Midlands HQ
  • Therapy room 1-2 STEPWAY provides Counselling. Pastoral care, CBT and other behavioural therapies from one of our partner charities.
  • Shower room and rest room
  • A change of clothes, Washing facilities and food bank
  • A relaxing room to have a cuppa and a chat with your buddy.

This unit is open to all Veterans in civilian life no matter your background or circumstance. Many of our partner charities are working alongside STEPWAY to deliver a holistic package to the Veteran community. For more details please call- 01905  745 253 during office hours and 075 3975 4457 / 079 3065 7568 out of hours.

Free Counselling sessions

We can all become overwhelmed, depressed or suffer anxiety. We are here to support you and more importantly, listen. We will conduct a needs/well-being assessment. Which is all confidential and we will not share your information to a 3rd party without your permission. Once this is completed and you have attended your first counselling session, we can advise you on your options. This may be a referral to the NHS Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS).If you are waiting for an appointment with TILS, we can offer you counselling sessions in the interim. Therefore, you will always have someone to talk to.

The Community Project

Part funded by:

We understand the importance to learn and develop knowledge and understanding of the outside space, as it is a much richer context than the indoors.  dynamic space where you can learn about nature, grow your own vegetables or fruits, take part in other outdoor activities and breathe in the clean air.  feel good factor that you are engaging in nature and supporting the environment. 

A journey being involved in the outdoor community projects, involving yourself in group tasks, learning, participating, creating a healthy body and a healthy mind.   These will all play a pivotal role in self-esteem and raising confidence.  In our 7-Step Civilian Skills program, Step 5 is all about a healthy body a healthy mind. How we look at what we eat, the importance of daily exercise, the outdoors clean air and participating in group activities. All of which will have a positive effect on your mental health. 

For more information about the community project in Worcestershire and the West Midlands please visit:


STEPWAY have a relaxed approach when working with our partners and the community. We recognise everyone may need support in some point in their life. Therefore, we encourage the local community to come forward to either volunteer or seek support, everyone is valued. We welcome referrals from organisations and accept self-referral too.  

Therefore, please encourage Veterans, their family members, or potential volunteers who you may feel will benefit from our services to either pop along to the Wellbeing centre based at the Salvation Army Oldbury. or call our Worcester STEPWAY office on 01905 745 253 out of hours: 07930657568 / Email:

For more information about how to self refer or how to refer a client please visit:

Coming soon…

The Regroup Station for suicide reduction in the West Midlands.

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